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Herbal Fiberblend All Natural Cleansing Fiber Raspberry 375g [Aim]

Herbal Fiberblend All Natural Cleansing Fiber Raspberry 375g [Aim]

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    AIM Herbal Fiber Blend is a unique and powerful combination of cleansing herbs and psyllium to sweep the digestive system clean of toxins and food debris. This product helps maintain regular bowel movements, detoxifies and removes toxins from the body and helps maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels.  Natural raspberry flavor. 



    Maintains regular bowel movements

    Cleanses and detoxifies the digestive system

    Contains 20 water-soluble and insoluble cleansing herbs

    375g packet AIM Herbal Fibre Blend



    Alfalfa, black walnut hulls, capsicum, cascara sagrada, rhamnus purshiana, hibiscus flower, hibiscus sabdariffa, irish moss, chondrus crispus, licorice root, glycyrrhiza glabra, marshmallow root, althaea officinalis, mullein, avena sativa, passionflower, passiflora incarnata, psyllium, plantago ovata, pumpkin seeds, rose hips, senna, shavegrass, slippery elm bark, violet, witch hazel, yucca. 


    Suggested Use: Start with 1 teaspoon (2.3g) twice per day. Increase amount gradually over 2 weeks to 1 tablespoon once daily.  Use for 3 months, then as desired thereafter.  Drink 8 glasses of water each day. Mix serving in 6 to 8 oz (180 to 240ml) of water or your favourite juice.  Drink immediately.  For best results, drink 30 minutes before a meal.



    Before use, pregnant or nursing women and people taking prescription medications and have kidney disease or high blood pressure should consult a health practitioner. Keep out of reach of children. Black walnut hulls may create a sensitivity resulting in an allergic reaction. Psyllium dust may create a sensitivity resulting in an allergic reaction.

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