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Intervene Herbal Royal| Blue Cap

Intervene Herbal Royal| Blue Cap

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    Intervene Herbal Royal (Blue Cap) is a premium herbal supplement designed to detoxify the body, support immune function, and promote overall health. This blend includes over 25 essential oils and botanical extracts, known for their antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Formulated to cleanse and rejuvenate, it helps balance the body's pH levels and optimizes health by removing toxins, parasites, and harmful microorganisms. Ideal for individuals with chronic conditions, this supplement aids in maintaining a healthy immune system and detoxification process.

    Therapeutic Indications:

    • Detoxification
    • Immune boosting
    • Antiviral
    • Antibacterial
    • Antifungal
    • Chronic illness support

    Assists against:
    All cancer types including:
    Aids support, Arthritis, Cancer (All types), Candida,  Chlamydia,  Diabetes,  Eczema,  Emphysema, Glaucoma, Herpes treatment, Immune Booster, Parkinson’s,  Prostate, Sores,  Skin Acne, STD’s (All types), Stomach ulcers,  Tuberculosis,  Tumours,  Psoriasis,  Scarring,  Allergies,  Back pain,  Bladder infection,  Blood infection,  Blurred Eye Vision,  Infections (general),  Inflammation,  Gout, Joint pain, Kidney infection, Neuralgic pain,  Relieving swelling,  Yeast infection,  Septic Ulcers,  Skin Blemishes,  Skin infections,  Skin rashes,  Spider Bites,  Urinary Infection


    Method of Administration

    • Consult a pediatrician for use in children 12 years and older
    • Intervene should be taken at least one hour before or after meals, during prayer.
    • Mixed with a glass of room temperature water or pure natural squeezed juice (not concentrated flavoured drinks, carbonated drinks or sugar!)
    • Keep refrigerated after opened
    • Best before use date, once opened – 30 days (Shelf life – 1 year).

    Chronic diseases (Cancer / HIV / Diabetes / TB ect.):
    Suggested dosage for Intervene Royal – Alternative Anti-Cancer supplement-
    25ml morning / 25ml evening (or three times per day with a total of 50ml per day)
    (Estimated on 6 bottle/s for a time period of 1 x month ONLY; there after Intervene Premium should be used for an minimum additional time period of 2 months before testing against cancer. Once a person tests negative for the particular disease he/she should continue with a general maintenance plane of 1 x bottle per month.

    External use:
    For external skin cancer and or melanoma’s, Consume and rub Intervene Royal on infected area, three times per day until condition is resolved.


    Known hypersensitivity to any ingredients.

    • Not recommended for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding without medical advice.

    Consult a healthcare professional if taking other medications or if you have a chronic illness.

    Care Guide

    • Refrigerate after opening.
    • Consume within 30 days once opened.

    Product Disclaimer

    No medical claims are made.

    The information provided on this website is for educational purposes only.

    All food supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    Furthermore, we recommend that all medical conditions be diagnosed and treated by a qualified health professional.



    • AVAILABLE to all main cities within South Africa


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