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Dandelion Root 520mg 100 capsules


To improve appetite,soothie  minor digestive ailments,and possibly relieve constipation.


The roots of dandelion contain carbohydrates(e.g.inulin),carotenoids(e.g.lutein),fatty acids(e.g.myristic acid),minerals,sugars,(e.g.glucose,fructose,and surcose),choline vitamins,mucilage and pectin.


Do not take dandelion without madical advice if you are using any of the following medications:


an antibiotic,such as Cipro,Levaquin,Avelox,Noroxin and others

a blood thinner or medicine to treat or prevent blood clots

a diuretic or "water pill"

heart or blood preasure medication 

a sedative such as Valium.



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