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Bone Revolution

Bone Revolution

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    Bone Revolution is the perfect formula for maintaining strong bones. With a blend of Aquamin (calcium and magnesium), magnesium, boron, zinc, selenium, manganese, MenaQ7 (Vitamin K2), and vitamin D3, it helps prevent bone loss and promote bone health.

    Therapeutic Benefits

    Helps increase the intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorous that aids in development and maintenance of bones


    Method of Administration

    Take after low-fibre foods.

    Avoid phytates (tubers, legumes, seeds, nuts and unprocessed whole grains such as whole wheat, oats or rice).

    Take 3 (three) capsules orally once a day with a glass of water, or consult your healthcare provider.

    Take with meals to reduce gastrointestinal effects.


    • Calcium salts reduce the absorption of bisphosphonates, sotalol, tetracycline antibiotics, fluoroquinolone antibiotics and quinoline antibiotics; take medication at least 2 hours before or 4-6 hours after calcium supplements.
    • Calcium reduces levels of dolutegravir, elvitegravir and levothyroxine; take medication at least 2 hours before or 4-6 hours after calcium supplements.
    • Calcium supplementation may decrease the absorption of dietary iron, zinc and magnesium, therefore take calcium supplements at bedtime.
    • Calcium enhances the effects of digitalis glycosides on the heart.
    • Calcium salts reduce the absorption of fluoride, therefore doses should be separated by at least 3 hours.
    • Magnesium can decrease the absorption of bisphosphonates and tetracyclines; separate doses by at least 2 hours.
    • Magnesium can form insoluble complexes with quinolones and decrease their absorption; take quinolones at least 2 hours before, or 4-6 hours after magnesium.
    • Boron might increase levels of magnesium.
    • Zinc at high levels might reduce the absorption of magnesium.
    • Zinc can decrease the levels and clinical effects of penicillamine, quinolone antibiotics, tetracycline antibiotics and iron. Take at least 2 hours before, or 4-6 hours after zinc.
    • Selenium may have antiplatelet effects and may increase the risk of bleeding if used with anticoagulant or antiplatelet drugs, or other products that have antiplatelet activity.
    • Vitamin K can antagonize and reverse the therapeutic effects of warfarin; large doses of vitamin K can reduce the anticoagulant effect of warfarin.
    • Vitamin D in high doses can increase magnesium absorption.
    • Vitamin D increases the absorption of calcium in the small intestine; excessive amounts of vitamin D might increase the risk of hypercalcaemia. Hypercalcaemia induced by high-doses vitamin D can reduce the therapeutic effects of verapamil for arrhythmia.
    • There is an increased risk of hypercalcaemia if vitamin D is given with thiazide diuretics, calcium or phosphate.

    Take special care if you have:

    • Reduced kidney function or kidney disease
    • Medical condition associated with high levels of calcium.
    • Achlorhydria (no acid in your stomach fluid) - need to take capsules with a meal to increase the absorption of calcium.
    • Iodine deficiency - may worsen hypothyroidism
    • Chronic liver disease, it may lead to manganese accumulation and toxicity.
    • Iron-deficiency anaemia, you might have increased manganese absorption.
    • Heart disease.
    • Histoplasmosis (an infection due to breathing in spores of a fungus).
    • Hyperparathyroidism (high levels of parathyroid hormone in your blood).
    • Lymphoma (a type of cancer).
    • Sarcoidosis (small patches of red and swollen body tissue).
    • Tuberculosis

    Care Guide

    Product Disclaimer

    No medical claims are made.

    The information provided on this website is for educational purposes only.

    All food supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    Furthermore, we recommend that all medical conditions be diagnosed and treated by a qualified health professional.



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