Dr Adele Pelteret- Naturopath

A Naturopath is a General Practitioner (GP) of natural medicine, using clinical examination and assessments, with treatments as natural as possible. Dr Adele uses a Complimentary / Integrative / Functional medicine-type approach - individualized and personalized - based on a patient’s health & wellness issues and needs

BComp. Med. NATUROPATHY (Summa cum laude)
BSc. Complementary Medicine & Health Sciences (Summa cum laude)
FLT-Lifestyle Educator - Functional Medicine
Dip. Clinical Nutrition (Distinction)
H.D. Education (1st CLASS)
Chairperson of the SA Naturopathy Association
Member of SA Society of Integrative Medicine
Member of the World Naturopathic Federation - Antimicrobial Committee

+27 21 531 3589 (Office)
+27 82 369 6606 (Cell / Whatsapp)


1. Full clinical physical examinations, tests and diagnosis

  • Basic in-house tests include: Blood pressure, Glucose, Cholesterol, Haemoglobin, Zinc, Urinalysis
  • Blood, Urine, Stool – range of clinical tests with various labs (local and overseas)

2. Individualised natural medicine treatments can include:

  • Nutritional medicine and Nutritional Therapy
  • Targeted individualised supplementation, nutraceuticals, botanicals/herbals & functional foods
  • Acupressure & Acupuncture (TCM meridians)
  • Dry-needling (muscular trigger points)
  • Therapeutic medical massage – various eclectic techniques (incl. use of essential and mineral oils)
  • Fascial release, Cranio-sacral treatment, Reflexology
  • Hydrotherapy (incl. gentle ear syringing)
  • Light therapy (infrared, Laser LLLT, coloured light therapy, sunlight therapy etc.)
  • Bach Flower remedies, Tissue salts
  • Exercise and Stretching

3.Nutrigenetic and Epigenetic DNA testing, analysis and detailed explanations

  • Genetic variants modifiable through dietary & lifestyle changes

4. Corporate Health & Wellness (can be designed specifically for a company’s needs & requirements, with follow-up testing / counselling if required.

  • Clinical assessments & reports e.g.: Height, Weight (BMI), Blood Pressure, Finger prick tests (Glucose, Cholesterol), Eye chart testing etc.
  • Ergonomic assessments & reports e.g.: postural issues, chair/desk/work-station layout, lighting, ventilation etc.

5. Health & Wellness talks and Presentations (Corporate and Community) = focus is on general health and medical conditions treated as naturally as possible (diet, supplements & lifestyle etc.), and can be designed specifically for your company or group's needs & requirements

More About Dr Adele Pelteret

Dr Adele Pelteret is a Naturopath registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA), and with the Board of Healthcare Funders of Southern Africa.
Dr Adele is a qualified teacher, and completed a graduate diploma in Clinical Nutrition, as well as additional certificate training in Functional Medicine. She worked as a Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine Lifestyle Consultant in Cape Town for over 15 years. She then went back to university to complete a double BSc degree at the School of Natural Medicine at UWC in South Africa. She completed both of her degree’s Summa cum laude and qualified as a Naturopath in 2015.
Dr Adele has completed several additional health and wellness certifications, training and seminars, including: Hulda Clark protocols, Nutrigenetics, Stress & Anxiety, Addiction support, Auricular acupuncture, Botanical Medicine, and Functional Medicine.
Dr Adele currently works in private practice in Cape Town (in-practice and telemedicine), and is the Chairperson for the SA Naturopathy Association (SANA). She sits on the Anti-Microbial Resistance Committee for the World Naturopathic Federation (WNF), and is an active allied member of the South African Society of Integrative Medicine (SASIM).