R 99.00
The No. 1 Water Saver! If it’s yellow let it mellow 
and say goodbye to bad smells in your loo!
  • Save water while keeping your bathroom smelling hygienic and fresh!
  • Simply spray over toilet water after use.
  • Enzymes break down the ammonia in urine. No ammonia = No smell!

    Water shortages are now critical. We need to be doing all we can to save every drop before we run out! Wee Pong™ is Sannitree’s® solution to help home-owners and ordinary people seriously save water. The average toilet uses 6 litres of water with every flush.

    This simple enzymatic spray solution allows you to leave urine in the toilet bowl without suffering the unpleasant smells associated with stagnant and decomposing urine.

    100% environment and water friendly.

    How does Wee Pong help you save water?

    The average toilet uses around 6 litres with every flush. By leaving urine in the toilet bowl and only flushing when absolutely necessary, your household could save between 120 – 250 litres on flushing per day.

    Simply spray Wee PongTM around toilet bowl and over the toilet water after use. On spraying, you will smell a pleasant fragrance before the sulphur retardant goes to work to reduce the malodours associated with stagnant and decomposing urine.

    Your toilet will always smell fresh and hygienically clean – even when you’re not flushing.

    How does it work?

    • As urine breaks down, ammonia is released causing the bad smell associated with stagnant urine.
    • Powerful, yet harmless organic enzymes and bacteria combined with the sulpher retardent in WeePong!™ digests ammonia on contact
    • With no ammonia malodours do not form.
    • Your toilet smells fresh and hygienically clean!

      What is it good for?

      • Saving water!
      • Your toilet in your home

        How long will one bottle last?

        • One bottle = 500 sprays at approximately R0.25c per spray
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