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Make calls and surf online without worries!

Unique technology that makes mobile communication easier for our bodies to tolerate.

Austrian high quality product

 The WAVEEX - technology is available for 

  • mobile devices (mobile phone, tablet, cordless phone, wireless router)
  • WIFI-units  (wireless LAN devices with integrated power supply, such as wireless printers, wireless television, etc.) - Status: in preparation.
  • antenna towers - Status: in preparation.

WAVEEX for mobile devices is a composite chip of seven superposed layers, outside of plastic, inside five layers with silver ink printed circuits, which, if they are exposed to the electromagnetic waves, weaken the passing harmful radiation and balance it with the magnetic field of your body.

 Warrnty 2 years, subject to usage instruction.

Usage instruction:

  • Mount WAVEEX directly or as close as possible to the battery or the power supply, this means at the DC source of mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop, netbook, wireless router.
  • If you can not access the DC power source, you can not use WAVEEX on this device.
  • Do not mount WAVEEX on a mobile phone or tablet cover.
  • Use only 1 WAVEEX per device.
  • Do not use WAVEEX in combination with third-party products.
  • A multiple use of WAVEEX is not advisable. WAVEEX looses its effect when removed.
  • If WAVEEX is physically damaged (for example broken, knotted, cut), the warranty expires.


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