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Description: VIR01 contains 3 effective herbal isolates with proven anti-microbial and anti-tumor activity. The first compound (andrographolide) has powerful anti-pyretic, anti-inflammatory, and immune-enhancing properties. The second (taraxsterol) has direct anti-viral, immune-modulating and hepatoprotective effects. The third (chlorogenic acid) has further anti-pyretic, anti-inflammatory and direct anti-microbial activity. This formula can be used to treat resistant infections such as EBV or H1N1. It also addresses deep-seated inflammation described in TCM terms as “clearing heat and eliminating toxins”, thus making it an appropriate combination therapy to other disease-specific formulas or as treatment for bacterial infections such as strep throat and abscesses. Recent studies indicate that VIR01has strong anti-tumoural activity and should be included in various cancer treatment protocols. Please see research for in-depth mechanism of action regarding chemoprophylatic and chemotherapeutic properties.
Dosage: 2-3 capsules 2-3 times daily; For Cancer: 5-6 capsules 3 times daily.
Contraindications: Pregnancy & lactation
Ingredients: Extract dry concentrate (5:1) equivalent to: Andrographolide Paniculata herb 250mg Taraxasterol Mongolicum Herb - 1g Lonicera Japonica Flower - 1g

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