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Beautiful Aromas concentrates, when used with a beautiful aromas revitaliser, offer relief from bad odours, breathing allergies and air-borne pollutants which cause respiratory infections. Beautiful aromas revitalisers is a cold water air purifying system which functions as an air purifier, air freshener, vapouriser, nebuliser, ioniser and humidifier. Great for adults and children alike. Whether you are merely sensitive to seasonal changes, or severely allergic and struggling due to respiratory illnesses, the beautiful aromas system can greatly improve your quality of life immediately in a non-intrusive, affordable manner.



Improves concentration, energy and reduce fatigue

Creates tranquillity, calmness and relaxation

Treats eczema and psoriasis


Therapeutic grade essential oils containing no alcohol.


1. Fill the bowl of your Beautiful Aromas Revitaliser with clean cold water between the minimum and maximum lines.

2. Add the amount of Beautiful Aromas fragrance concentrate in accordance with room size and personal preference, ideally between 5 and 10 ml per application.

3. Place the revitaliser top onto the bowl.

4. Position the revitaliser on a stable surface.

5. Insert the plug into the power socket and switch on.

6. Cleaning: rinse daily with clean cold water before adding the concentrate. Wipe the inside with a clean cloth or paper towel if dirty.


Non-toxic. Not for oral consumption. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat. Contains no alcohol, non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable, environmentally safe.

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