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Description: After taking antibiotics we replace gut flora especially if we get diarrhoea or suffer from candida. It is better to take them every day. Probiotics are live beneficial bacteria that live in the gut and make up over 80% of the immune system. Low levels of gut flora causes Candida yeast infections to take over. They can generate over 72 types of ailments, including depression. This is especially the case after antibiotics, detoxification and colon cleansing. Lactic acid in Nature Fresh PROBIOTIC-15 has nothing to do with milk. It is a strong sterilizing compound. It suppresses harmful micro organisms and breaks down and ferments the fibre we eat such as lignin and cellulose. It also produces antibacterial compounds that are known as bacteriocins that attack pathogenic bacteria, yeasts and moulds. Probiotics neutralize toxins, remove heavy metals and create vitamins in the gut. They help to speed up the elimination of toxic waste in the bowel and naturally bulk up the stool and balance the water content as do laxatives and fibre supplements. They also keep cholesterol and triglyceride levels in check. Probiotics break down excessive hormone levels to control oestrogen dominance.

Directions for use: 5ml per person once or twice a day. Add to food, a glass of water, yoghurt or juice. Babies, small children: 2-3ml per day. General use. Dilute 5ml per 1-2 litres of water. Give to pets and plants. Soak fruit and vegetables. Use as a final hair rinse or as a douche for candida or irritation.

Contraindications: Use this product under medical supervision if used with other medications to treat cancer, HIV/AIDS etc. Avoid if sensitive to any of the ingredients.

Ingredients: 13515mg Purified structured water. 600mg SCM EM food grade* 525mg Organic grape and apple juice. 150mg Natural Molasses. 150mg Herbal Extracts. 45mg Kelp, 15mg Sodium Cloride. 200mcg Selenium AAC (100% rda) Herbal Extracts (combined 1%) Devil's Claw, St John's Wort and Peppermint. Adaptogens to strengthen natural immunity. Siberian ginseng, Ashwaganda, Astragalus.

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