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Good Health Premium Vision Eyecare supports Eye healthwith important antioxidants, herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals. Betacarotene, lutein and Vitamins C & E all provide specific eye benefits, and the minerals zinc, selenium and chromium are vital for healthy eye function and preventing damage to the eye. The herbal extracts Bilberry and Ginkgo provide natural support against age-related eye problems and eyestrain.
Adults: Take one capsule daily with food or as professionally advised.
Herbal extracts equivalent to dry Vaccinium myrtillus Fruit (Bilberry) (Providing Anthocyanidins 25mg) 10g Vitis vinifera Seed (Grape Seed) (Equiv. Procyanidins 25mg) 3.16g Ginkgo biloba Leaf (Ginkgo) 500mg Vitamin & minerals: Beta Carotene 3mg Lutein 5mg Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 150mg d-alpha-Tocopherol Acid Succinate (Equiv. Vitamin E 40IU) 33mg Copper Gluconate (Equiv. Copper 500mcg) 3.57mg Chromuim Yeast (Equiv. Chromium 10mcg) 4.45mg L-Selenomethionine (Equiv. Selenium 50mcg) 125mcg Zinc Gluconate (Equiv. Zinc 7mg) 55mg Contains soy.
Caution is advised in people taking anticoagulant or antiplatelet medication.

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