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Chinese Medicine said it first, but science certainly agrees. Medicinally active mushrooms can help to boost immunity, fight infections and can even support healthy blood sugar levels. More specifically...Cordyceps Sinensis is a favorite for many world-class athletes (and elderly) as it helps increase stamina and enhance energy. Maitake is an overall body balancer. Agaricus Blazei contains more immune-stimulating beta-glucan than any other mushroom. Coriolus versicolor can support fighting infections. Reishi is a general health tonic. Shiitake helps counter immunosuppressive and liver conditions.
Take 2 capsules daily. best taken after a starch-containing meal. avoid taking with fruit.
Each serving consisting of 2 capsules contains: 400 mg Cordyceps Sinensis, 80 mg Maitake, 80 mg Agaricus Blazei, 80 mg Coriolus versicolor, 80 mg Reishi, and 80 mg Shiitake.
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