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AMARIA – The King of AntiMicrobials LAMARIA – Our potent answer to all form of pathoghens Artemisia Annua (Chinese Wormwood) We are proud to introduce our super potent, 100% organic extract of Artemisia annua, nature’s most powerful antimicrobial. This herb has been researched extensively and has been recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an effective treatment for Malaria. It has a long history of successful use in China for malaria and is a standard ingredient in many patent formulas for fevers. Most of the research on Artemisia annua has been focused on the antimalarial effects of the herb, but it has a wide range of applications and is effective in any infection. Many results far surpass the percintile rate of kill vs modern pharmaceuticals. Recent research has also demonstrated the efficacy of this herb and its active “Artemisia annua (annual wormwood) ingredients in cancer treatment, most of this controversial and pioneering research was conducted in Japan.ANY FORM OF INFECTIOUS PARASITE IS EFFECTIVELY ELIMINATED BY Lamaria – *Natures Most Powerful Antimicrobial* May assist with following: -Malaria Parasite -Apply in any case of Fever, Cold, & Flu -Bilharzia -Coksackie/EBV/Glandular Fever -TB and Bronchitis -Borreliosis (Rickettsia or Lymes Disease) -Dengue/Typoid Fever -Brucellosis Bacteria (Malta Fever) -Candida -Worms and Fluke Treatment -Giardia/Other Tummy bugs -Babesiosis (Protozoa) -Stomach and Intestinal Problems- Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease,diverticulitis and chronic dysentery, -Various rheumatic diseases, Arthritis, Soft-tissue rheumatism -Research Internationally with certain cancers and Lupus has shown good results – Consult your practitioner – It is interesting that Lupus specifically responds very well and we have observed this in practice too, from Holistic medicine we observe the underlying cause and many autoimmune disorder is the body responding to some type of infection, in cases of Lupus I have seen Lymes Bacteria and other co-infections as the main culprits and have seen amazing remissions with specifically Lamaria and some other botanicals in protocol. WARNING – DISCLAIMER Most patients also claim that, following use with, the interval before the next malaria attack becomes much longer. Compared with modern pharmaceuticals, and even with artemisinin based drugs, this extract contains a wider range of antimalarial components. This reduces the danger of resistance developing. Warning: Should be used in conjunction to orthodox allopathic treatment wherever possible. This herbal formula is safe and non toxic, higher doses may cause Nausea, Digestive upset or rash, side effects are rare but may occur. Symptoms will improve by reducing dosing or ceasing use of product. Can and should be used in conjuction with the Homeopathic Support formula in the same range

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