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H2O2 is found naturally in very low concentrations (i.e. highly diluted) in rain and seawater, raw seeds, sprouts, fruits and vegetables and mothers’ milk. H2O2 is formed when for example: ether is exposed to sunlight, when a hydrogen-oxygen flame impinges on ice and when water in a quartz vessel is exposed to ultraviolet light. Humans and other mammals and also plants, synthesise H2O2 intracellularly, under endogenous anti-oxidative enzyme control, in particular as an essential component of the immune response against infectious micro-organisms.

‘Food grade’ hydrogen peroxide is stable at 35% (120 vol.) and is therefore free of the stabilizers, preservatives and other contaminants, normally not considered a problem in the commercial 3-12% (10-40 vol.) solutions used as skin antiseptics and hair bleaches, which are not suitable for human oral consumption. H2O2 at a dilution of 1-3, possibly 5 drops per glass of water (up to 15 drops in polluted water survival emergencies) in a 250ml glass of water serves as an effective drinking water disinfectant against unicellular pathogens and reproductive egg stages of multi-cellular pathogens without the high toxicity potential of chlorine, other disinfectants and their by-products.

Food-grade 35% hydrogen peroxide, suitably diluted to or below the maximum oral strength of 15 drops per glass of water is perfectly harmless at this dilution, provided it is consumed on a relatively empty stomach free of iron supplements, vitamin C and polyunsaturated oils. If it reacts with food residues, extra water should be drunk to increase dilution and reduce nausea caused by excessive nascent oxygen liberation, which may be totally avoided by limiting use to 3 drops per glass, with no limitation being applicable to how many such glasses are consumed. It is recommended that any regimen using high dose oral H2O2, also include the regular consumption of green tea.

So safe is this dilution that beneficial acidophilus intestinal bacteria are not threatened, since they actually produce H2O2 to control their natural enemy, Candida albicans. H2O2 decomposes to water and oxygen in the bowel before absorption. With doses over 5 drops per glass of water, rinse the mouth with neat water to avoid any likelihood of decalcifying tooth substance. H2O2 tastes obnoxious at the higher levels mentioned, serving as a precaution against inappropriate use, which would be difficult to achieve due to nausea that would accompany consumption of too much, other than accidental gulping, which is why the bottle must be stored responsibly.


Caution: Please be mindful of the abovementioned maximum suggested oral dilutions. Higher concentrations up to this 35% product are considered corrosive and must be treated as such at all times. Painful gastric distension and belching may be caused by the liberation of large volumes of oxygen in the stomach. Blistering of the mucosae and oropharyngeal burns may follow ingestion of concentrated solutions, and laryngospasm and haemorrhagic gastritis are a possibility. Sinus tachycardia, lethargy, confusion, coma, convulsions, stridor, sub-epiglottic narrowing, apnoea, cyanosis and cardiorespiratory arrest may ensue within minutes of ingestion of upper end concentrations.

Emergency Poisoning Measures: Immediately drink some water. Gut decontamination is not indicated, thanks to rapid decomposition by catalase to oxygen and water. If distension is painful, pass a gastric gas release tube.

Suggested uses for 3% strength (30ml to one Litre 1000ml’s or 15ml’s to 500ml hand-pump atomizer of water) include: sterilisation and chemical detoxification of fruit and vegetables, crockery, cutlery, chopping boards and kitchen sinks and surfaces. Wait a few minutes, the longer the better, before rinsing, except for fruits and vegetables, which should be rinsed within 3-minutes to preserve the beneficial biothiols. Dry off all non-stainless steel metals to prevent rusting. The presence of micro-organisms is detectable by a micro-foaming action that is often even audible at close ear range and is a useful indicator of hotspots. Can be sprayed on the body and rinsed off before or once itching first becomes perceptible. An excellent antiseptic skin damage monitor – all bacterial pockets will prickle and present as whitened effervescence on or under the skin, indicative of oxidative disinfection. Also suitable, at 5-35ml to 500ml water as a light toilet seat and toilet paper spray for 1st class personal hygiene; and boiled or sprayed onto a suitable hot surface or used in a humidifier/steamer, serving as an atmospheric steri-oxygenator, especially in a sick-room. Caution: Do not ever mix with any other chemical, eg chlorine or bleach, since the result could be explosive.

Please see also previous entry for Magnesium Peroxide which may be safely added at 1 pinch per glass of water to which 3 drops of Hydrogen Peroxide.

The importance of Alkalising before taking Hydrogen Peroxide
Without alkalising first, hydrogen peroxide will do little more than make you nauseous and possibly headachy as it interacts with the waste in your colon. Oxygen needs a pH neutral or an alkaline medium to effectively dissolve.

Hydrogen peroxide on its own, without pH correction will actually acidify you.
If using Hydrogen Peroxide for oxygenation, a 5 day course of 43% Pure Magnesium Peroxide Powder Mg02 is recommended.
Magnesium Peroxide will clear the body and gut from any excess acid and mucous – only then can the oxygenating effects from the Hydrogen Peroxide be fully absorbed at cellular level.

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