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Description: Ghee is clarified butter - which means all the dairy particles have been filtered out. If you're dairy intolerant you can safely eat ghee! Dairy in butter is congestive and mucous producing. Ghee is not mucous-producing! Ayurveda considers that ghee does not produce 'ama'. Ama means ash, debris, toxins. Ghee is golden, pure, digestible, lubricates, softens, moisturises, warms and strengthens. It is credited with no less than that. It is more concentrated than butter - since butter also contains a lot of water - and hence costs a little more gram by gram than butter. But then again, a little goes a long way. Ghee also keeps really well, even at room temperature. It really is an excellent Indian invention from times where there were no fridges. When cooking or frying with ghee, you can rest assured that it will not burn and thereby create carcinogenic compounds.
Our ghee is from non-bovine-growth-hormone-injected cows that graze on open grasslands in the Natal Midlands! The milk is pasteurised before buttering and melted at low temperatures for turning into wonderful ghee!

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