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ECOFLORA A complete ecosystem for restoring colonic health Approximately 400 different species of bacteria are known to inhabit our digestive tract, numbering some countless thousands of billions at any given time. Not all of these species are friendly but a symbiotic relationship does exist with certain beneficial species the so called probiotic bacteria. These friendly bacteria confer the following advantages: They manufacture B vitamins that the body can use They help prevent cancer by detoxifying or preventing the formation of chemicals that are carcinogenic They help control undesirable species by changing the pH or the colon and also by producing antibiotic substances They enhance bowel function such as peristalsis They help control high cholesterol levels An optimal balance of beneficial bacteria over the undesirable species must be maintained in order for us to enjoy the benefits listed above. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles make it very difficult to maintain this desired optimum. The following factors can disturb the equilibrium: Use of antibiotics and other drugs i.e. steroids X-ray irradiation and other radiation exposure Oral contraceptives Stress Lowered acid production by stomach (which occurs as we grow older) Chronic constipation or diarrhea Dietary changes Food poisoning Immune system deficiency Maintenance of a healthy colonic flora is thus of prime importance and one of the major reasons why probiotic supplements should be taken Ecoflora is such a supplement and contains a mixture of probiotic bacteria together with a blend of naturally occurring inulin and lactitol, the prebiotic carbohydrates that serve as an exclusive food source for the bacteria colonies. By including an excess of the prebiotic carbohydrates Ecoflora or has the advantage that a suitable environment is instantly created in the colon to allowing the beneficial bacteria to grow rapidly and exclude the harmful species thereby quickly restoring the healthy colon environment. Modern day probiotic supplements contain only the probiotic bacteria colonies or small traces of prebiotic carbohydrates which place the beneficial species at a disadvantage when introduced into a diseased colon. Label: Maintenance of a healthy colonic flora is of prime importance for optimum health. Ecoflora is a complete ecosystem for restoring colonic health and contains a mixture of probiotic

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