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Description: Ear candles are cotton tubes, dipped in beeswax with camomile and lavender essential oils and were traditionally used by First People Native American Hopis. It relieves some ear noises (tinnitus), the congestion you feel from sinusitis and simply that stuffy, heavy, congested feeling. Your hearing will be more sensitive and acute after. Recommended to do the week after your first time and then once a month to maintain this lovely lightness. some of the packets contain a reducer to more easily fit into a small ear.
How to use: This is a lovely thing to do on the weekend, in a similar vein of doing face packs and trading foot massages, etc. Work with your friend, your child or your dearly beloved: Lie on your side, resting the upper part of your head on a pillow, in other words, let the ear of the side you're lying on actually be clear of the pillow. Your friend places a candle into your ear, lights it and watches it burn down to approx 5 cm, just enough to remove (since you're working with fire, you actually want one of you on the ball and alert. It takes a few minutes for the candle to burn down.) Douse in a bowl of water (kept handy). This is the best way to snuff it out.. Remove bits of wax (it'll be a combination of your ear's wax and a little from the candle) with a paper clip and then a pluisie. Repeat on the other side.

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