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Description: Derma-Kure Cream alleviates pain and can stop cold sores in their tracks A cold sore typically progresses through four stages: first, tingling with gradual redness and swelling; second, formation of a blister as the virus replicates; third, ulceration as the wound weeps and fails to heal, often accompanied by infection; and finally, scabbing as a crust of blood and pus forms. Unlike conventional medication, Derma-Kure Cream works at each stage. Used early,at the initial tingling stage, its ability to fight the herpes virus can stop the replication process - thereby preventing a blister developing. Its antibacterial action provided by the ingredient Calendula, can prevent secondary infection or fungal contamination, while its anti-inflammatory action has a local anesthetic effect, relieving pain and discomfort. Derma-Kure Cream will also speed up healing of the damaged tissue (the ability to promote granulation and speed up formation of new skin cells) thus making the fever blister disappear more rapidly than other treatments available. Scarring and lesions are also greatly reduced.
Derma Kure Cream reduces inflammation - Chronic wounds are chronically inflamed. Promotes cell migration - Increases movement of new cells to the wound site. Induces angiogenesis - Promotes new capillary growth around the wound. Supports collagen deposition - Collagen is necessary for tissue remodelling. Derma Kure Cream is active topically and systematically.
Ingredients: A synergistic blen of Syzgium, Calendula, Lycopodium, Cantharis, Graphitis, Nat Sulph, Acid Phos.

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