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Description: All over cleanliness and relief from fungal, bacterial & parasite problems. Good for treating and preventing head lice, scabies, candida, ringworm, athletes foot, stinky feet and armpits and just about everything else. Used by men, women and children for daily showers, hair washing, baths or for intimate cleanliness. Quick relief from BV (bacterial vaginosis) or pathogens that inhabit the genital tract, the armpits or feet and cause itching, burning or odour. Contains only natural herbal disinfectants, odour busters and anti-microbial olive leaf, black walnut, sage, pine and lavender. For lice and nits, use with:
ALL CLEAR GEL is free from harmful chemicals. pH balanced for sensitive skin and intimate use.
Directions: Do not combine with deodorants or soaps. Bath: use as a bubble bath fo rlong soaks or as a soap. Shower: for all over washing: Shampoo: to help control dandruff and lice, use often and shampoo and rinse twice. Vaginal douche: consult a doctor. Dilute 5ml with 500ml warm water. Rinse gently.
Ingredients: Wild Olive Leaves, Pine and Black Walnut.

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