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Low sodium ConcenTrace Mineral Drops is a natural health mineral and trace element supplement. It is impossible to underestimate the importance of minerals and trace elements for the human body. They are the catalysts for all the vitamins and other nutrients your body uses in developing and maintaining good health. Harvested from the Great Salt Lake, ConcenTrace contains the full spectrum of all the minerals in a balance natural to the body. A natural process removes the sodium and produces a superior product about 26 times more concentrated than any other liquid trace minerals product on the market. visit www.concentrace.co.za Dosage: 1 drop of ConcenTrace Ionic Trace Mineral Drops to 2kg body mass. Mix with juice, water or food to mask the concentrated mineral flavour. Improve the flavour of reverse osmosis, de-ionized, or distilled water. Add 10-15 drops per litre, or to taste, to get the flavour of expensive mineral water while adding a complete, balanced spectrum of low sodium minerals and trace elements. At 15 drops, per litre, a 240ml bottle will re-mineralize 726 liters of water. Ingredients: 40 drops (2.5ml) supply the following: Mineral Symbol Magnesium Mg 266 mg 67% Chloride Cl 740 mg 22% Sodium Na 5 mg 0% Sulfate SO4 55 mg * Lithium Li 1.5 mg * Boron B 1 mg * Potassium K 1.4 mg * Daily Value (DV) not established * Plus the following in naturally occurring varying trace amounts: Calcium (Ca), Carbonate (HC03), Bromide (Br), Fluoride (F), Iodine (I), Rubidium (Rb) , Scandium (Sc), Boron (B), Phosphorus (P), Nickel (Ni), Manganese (Mn), Chromium (Cr), Strontium (Sr), Cobalt (Co), Zinc (Zn), Titanium (Ti), Lanthanum (La), Cerium (Ce), Barium (Ba), Copper (Cu), Iron (Fe), Silicon (Si), Yttrium (Y), Molybdenum (Mo), Tin (Sn), Gallium (Ga), Gold (Au), Silver (Ag), Cesium (Cs), Beryllium (Be), Selenium (Se), Vanadium (V), Dysprosium (Dy), Holmium (Ho), Terbium (Tb), Praseodymium (Pr), Lutetium (Lu), Gadolinium (Gd), Samarium (Sm), Bismuth (Bi), Ytterbium (Yb), Erbium (Er), Europium (Eu), Neodymium (Nd). Contraindications: Advice given does not intend to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any form of illness or disease and should not replace any medication. We recommend that you consult with your healthcare practitioner whilst taking prescription medicine or diagnosed with an illness or disease or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. We will not, under any circumstances, accept liability or damages whatsoever, for accuracy, completeness, adequacy, or comprehensiveness of the information reviewed and opinions expressed by us, and arising from any cause whatsoever, including, without limitation, negligence

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