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BUILDS BONE MASS AND CAN IMPROVE MUSCLE AND VASCULAR FUNCTIONING Calcium Citrate is a high-quality calcium source and has much greater absorption rates and bio-availability than other common forms of calcium. Magnesium, on the other hand, is needed for calcium absorption. Magnesium deficiency may cause arthritis and osteoporosis and is well known to alleviate sweet cravings. Cal&Mag Assist can help to ensure optimal bone density and muscular support, maintain bone strength and promote collagen production. It is recommended for anyone suffering from bone weakness, muscle cramps, irregular sleep patterns and/or general fatigue. Vitamin D3 assists with calcium absorption and enhances bone mineralisation. ASSISTS WITH: Preventing osteoporosis Vitamin D metabolism and hormone function Improving heart health and lung function Preventing muscle injury ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Each 7g serving contains (1 level scoop): Tri calcium citrate anhydrous 1000 mg, Magnesium hydrogen citrate 625 mg, Vitamin D3 (chole calciferol) 250 IU, Synergy 1 orafti 2200 mg, Stevia sweetner 100 mg. RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: Take 1 scoop Cal&Mag Assist twice a day after a meal or as recommended by your healthcare provider. Stir 1 scoop Cal&Mal Assist powder into at least 120ml-240ml water. Stir well until dissolved.

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