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METABOLE Berry C (ascorbic acid) Formulation Humans have lost the ability to manufacture ascorbic acid and must obtain it from their diet on a daily basis. It is essential not only for the formation of collagen and but also for processes in the body dependent on collagen production such as connective tissue, cartilage, bone as well as blood vessel walls. Ascorbic acid is well known as the antiscorbutic vitamin (prevents scurvy) but it has a wider role than this. It is consequently also indispensable for healing of wounds and union of fractures. In addition Ascorbic acid is important in certain vital functions of the body such as carbohydrate and protein metabolism and cellular oxidation. Ascorbic acid is required for optimal protection against resistance to environmental toxins (bacterial toxins, free radicals etc) and for survival under stress such as resistance to infections and severe trauma. These stressors can vary on a daily basis and consequently a requirement for ascorbic acid also constantly changes. The unique powder formulation ensures that the ingredients do not interact with one another and also does away with the need to add stabilizing agents or preservatives (e.g. Anti-Fungal agents) METABOLE BERRY C FORMULATION (Vit C content = 120 000 mg (300 gram container) or 60 000 mg (150 gram container) Total contents 300 000 mg (large size) or 150 000 mg. Especially formulated for any person with a citrus intolerance. The red colour is a natural carotenoid from the same family as Beta-Carotene, also with anti-oxidant properties.flu For headaches, heartburn or indigestion: 1 level teaspoon in glass of water. For any acute situations such as hay fever, sinusitis, flu, colds, bladder infections, vaginitis, mouth infections, sore throat etc: 1 teaspoon in glass of water every hour, until bowel movement becomes soft, or you experience flatulence. After this, reduce dosage to every 2 hours, then every 3 hours etc, down to 1 teaspoon per day. Metabole Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) powder can be taken on an empty stomach. It will not irritate the linings, because of the Calcium Ascorbate content, Calcium buffer and powder format. The bioflavanoid together with the Vitamin C is nature’s way – synergistically with Vitamin C bioflavonoids also strengthens the capillary membranes. The unique addition of the Beta-Carotene acts as a powerful fat-soluble Antioxidant and also as a natural orange colour. The unique powder formulation ensures that the ingredients do not interact with one another and also does away with the need to add stabilizing agents or preservatives (e.g. Anti-Fungal agents) METABOLE BIG C – 100 000 mg Pure Calcium Ascorbate (non-acidic form of Vitamin C) Half teaspoon (2,5 gram) = 2500 mg This form of Vit C is pH-neutral and will thus not disturb the mouth or digestive comfort. It can be dissolved in any liquid. Mixed with the bioflavonoids of fresh fruit juice, it achieves maximum effect, or mix with the Metabole Vit C for a more economic dosage. Use as for Metabole Berry C (ascorbic acid) to bowel tolerance limit or flactulence limit. Dosage: BERRY C Formulation is in a powder form that can be taken to suit individual requirements. Powders are already in a digested form with ascorbic acid being the end product which gives rapid absorption and optimally metabolised. To determine how much ascorbic acid should be taken each day the so called bowel tolerance technique should be followed. This is based on the principle that the presence of a concentrated substance, such as ascorbic acid in the intestine, attracts water from the surrounding cells, thereby loosing the stool and producing diarrhoea. Diarrhoea is thus only produced when there is excess ascorbic acid present in the intestine, ascorbic acid that has not been absorbed by the cells. In other words, diarrhoea only starts when you have exceeded the level of ascorbic acid your body requires at that moment. The optimal level of ascorbic acid to take is just before this bowel tolerance effect i.e. Diarrhoea causing level is reached and this should be followed every day. Maintenance dosage for optimal health: Daily 1 level teaspoon = 2000 mg in a glass of water. Adjust for children by body mass e.g. 30 kg child = half teaspoon = 1000 mg.

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