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The story of our Apple Cider Vinegar begins in the idyllic apple orchards of New Zealand. Our version of this superfood is derived from the juiciest, tree-ripened apples that are certified organic at source. The elixir is unpasteurized, unfiltered, and lovingly brewed in a two-step fermentation process resulting in a 4.9 percent acidity rating and packed full of cloudy fruit sediment. It is this goodness that is known as the ‘Mother Culture’ and is what gives this product its potency; namely a combination of nourishing proteins and enzymes that promote ‘good’ bacteria. Or what we like to believe, a superhero amongst the superfoods!


Drink it:
Start your day with a zingy tonic that will settle your digestive system and energise the mind and body. Simply stir two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar into boiling water, sweeten with raw honey, if desired, and sip away.
*It’s not advisable to swig our Apple Cider Vinegar straight up as some people may not be able to tolerate the acidity.

Eat it:
Lightly drizzle our Apple Cider Vinegar onto salad greens, mix it with mayo for a zesty dressing or dip, or combine it with olive oil for vinaigrette. It also adds depth and a sweet and sour tang to marinades and sauces.

Get glowing
Celebrity devotees swear by Apple Cider Vinegar’s radiance-boosting qualities to soothe sunburn, banish bad hair days, and blitz blemishes and breakouts.
 Mix one cup Apple Cider Vinegar with one cup water for a shine-boosting hair rinse.
 Mix with water for a natural deodorizing spray.
 Mix with water and Epsom salts for a hygienic foot soak.
 Mix one part Apple Cider Vinegar with two parts water and apply to the face with a cotton pad to balance oily skin.

Make a clean start
Disinfectant properties enable this miracle worker to be used as a household cleaning agent and powerful odour remover.
 Rinse fruit and vegetables in Apple Cider Vinegar to remove pesticides and other nasties. 
 Mix one part Apple Cider Vinegar with one part water for a safe and effective all-purpose household cleaner.

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