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Description: Seasonal allergies and Atopy is a common disorder where indviduals have a hyper-immune response to apecific allergens, noticeably an increased IgE response with histamine release. This produces an inflammatory state with itchness, red rash, increased mucous secretion and broncho-constriction. This may either affect the skin in the form of eczema or urticarial reactions; the upper-respiratory tract in the form of rhinitis or sinusitis; and the lower respiratory tract in the form of asthma. Often these allergens are found in food or food additives, but several common household, environmental, and medical allergens exist. Often there is no allergen found. AllClear is designed to blunt the excessive IgE response and over reaction to the allergen or triggering event . Primary Indications: Hayfever / Rhinitis; Allergic Asthma; Specific seasonal allergies; Other forms of Atopy; Secondary Indications; Plum seed obstruction and Food Allergies.
Dosage: 1 to 3 capsules daily
Contraindications: Caution in breastfeeding and pregnancy
Ingredients: Vitamin B6 (P5P) 25mg; Molybdenum Trioxide 75 mcg Quercetin 100mg Vitamin B5 (pantethine) 100mg EGCG 50mg Dry Herbal Extract (6:1) Equivalent to: Houttuynia cordata 140.83mg; Taraxacum mongolicum 134.85 mg; Bupleurum falcatum root 94.4mg; Agastache rugosawhole plant 80.91mg; Typhae angustifolia pollen 53.82mg; Coix lacryma-jobi seed 80.91mg; Salvia miltorrhiza root 80.91mg; Scutellaria baicalensis rhizome 80.91 mg; Atractylodes macrocephala rhoxome 80.91mg; Astragalus membranaceous root 80.73mg; Cinnamomum cassia twig 40.365mg; Perilla frutescens leaf 94.19mg; Citrus medica fruit 80.73mg; Paeonia rubra root 80.73mg; Ligusticum wallici root 53.82mg.

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