Each Bhealthy clinic and health shop has Health Practitioners doing consultations using either the Live Blood Analysis and/or the BodySonic MRA Health Scan in the Western Cape.

The Live Blood Analysis entails looking at a small sample of blood (using just a tiny prick) under a microscope while it is still live.  This is connected to a computer screen so that you can see it too, whilst the Practitioner takes you through any irregularities and will assess the terrain of body (especially regarding toxicity).  They will look at the health of the red and white cells to assess immune health and allergies, may find parasites, toxic deposits, heavy metals, uric acid crystals, clots, cholesterol, indications of virus overload, candida yeasts and blood sugar imbalances etc.  They can also pick up some mineral and vitamin deficiencies, liver and kidney problems and digestive disturbances. 

The BodySonicMagnetic Resonance Analysing (MRA) Health Scanner is a very comprehensive scan, using frequencies scanning to trace further vitamin and mineral deficiencies, allergies, all pathogens, to identify parasites, funguses, bacteria and viral infections, heavy metal toxicity, health of all the organs, such as cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal, liver, lung and kidney function, brain response, bone density, blood sugar, cholesterol and body fat, hormone imbalances and immune function to name a few. Treatments for certain ailments, such as difficult to eradicate viruses, parasites and MRI bacterial infections, digestive and autoimmune issues can then be treated on the Bioresonance machine to enhance performance.

Our treatment is geared towards detoxing, eradicating pathogens, correcting the natural balance of good flora and immune function, as well as any nutrient deficiencies. This will usually also incorporate dietary changes and life style adjustments where necessary.


Digital Infrared Thermal imaging is non-invasive clinical imaging procedure for detecting and monitoring a number of diseases or injuries, including early detection of breast disease and other cancers without radiation.


We offer the following services off the street most days, or by appointment:

Blood pressure test      FREE

Iron prick test             R40

Blood sugar prick test  R60  (early morning – please do not eat before test)

Cholesterol prick test   R70  (early morning – please do not eat before test)


The cost of an initial consultation is R695, which can take up to one hour.  However, if you want to combine this with the Live Blood Analysis (recommended), the special rate is R895 for one and a half hours.  If further consultations are needed the charge is R495 up to 30 minutes (normally enough), or R695 for 30-60 minutes.

Cost of the Bioresonance treatments is R125 per session (time dependent on type of treatment programme).  1-10 treatments may be needed, depending on severity.

Cost of Thermal Breast Scan

Breasts         R1000

Half body      R1200

Full Body      R1500

To book a consultation you can call either of the following shops:

Somerset West:

The Sanctuary Shopping Centre

Cnr R44 and De Beers Ave

Somerset West, 7110

Email: bhealthy.cape@gmail.com

Tel:  021-8873442

Tel:  021-4925642



Shop 14B, Laborie Center,

cnr Main and Station Rd,


Email: bhealthy.paarl@gmail.com

Tel: 021-8634126


Shop 12

Flamingo Square,

212 Blaauwberg Road (and Study Str)

Table View, 7441

Email: bhealthy.tview@gmail.com

 Tel: 021-5563963