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Description: The process of digestion begins in the mouth where food is chewed into a fine pulp and mixed with enzymes in the salvia which begin the process of digestion - that is, breaking food particles down into the tiny, relatively simple molecules which can be transported through the gut wall, via the blood stream and into the body's cells wherever they are needed. In the stomach, acids are released and mixed with the food pulp, to break down proteins. As the food pulp is released into the gut, the process of digestion continues with the aid of microbes which continue to break food particles down further, making it available for absorption. These microbes are called pro-biotics and are essential for a healthy digestive system. Infections and many illnesses are caused by hostile microbes such as bacteria and viruses. Since the discovery of penicillin, the use of anti-biotics to combat infections has grown tremendously. Our ability to control infections has saved many lives, but inevitably there is a price to be paid.
If you have ever used anti-biotics, the chances are that the natural population of your gut flora (the number and the mix of beneficial microbes that are necessary for healthy human digestive processes) has been disturbed. This may result in a depleted gut flora (very few or no microbes at all) or it may lead to hostile microbes getting a foot-hold which may result in indigestion, discomfort, flatulence, pain and many other unpleasant symptoms. Absolut pro-biotics are manufactured in South Africa by the Agricultural Research Council under an internationally respected, patented process.
Even if you have never used anti-biotics in your entire life, you are not assured of a healthy gut. Modern water purification systems make heavy use of chlorination. Simply drinking tap water can lead to a significant reduction in your normal digestive flora. Pro-Biotics are LIVE! To be efficient and serve any purpose whatsoever, they must remain so. They are therefore extremely sensitive to any excesses including heat and cold, moisture, light and so on.

Absolut pro-biotics are manufactured in South Africa by the Agricultural Research Council under an internationally respected, patented process. The advantages are:

• NO Transport – the pro-biotics are NOT subjected to extreme heat or cold in shipyards or aircraft holds, road or rail freight extremes or long waits in customs offices.
• Much higher levels of live pro-biotics: GUARANTEED
• Absolut Pro-biotics contain 5 STRAINS (other products comparable by cost usually contain only 2 strains)
• Absolut Pro-Biotics contain HIGH CONCENTRATIONS of all 5 strains
• Absolut Pro-Biotics are EXTREMELY AFFRODABLE

Dosage: 2 per day before bed or on rising. (Always take away from anti-biotic meds if taking).

Contraindications: Not for children under the age of 1. Store in refrigerator. Keep our of reach of children, exceeding daily dosages not recommended.

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