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Description: MSM-Body helps relieve joint pain and stiffness. In fact, research shows that OptiMSM; protects against rheumatoid arthritis and can help reduce pain and physical inability in osteoarthritis. More mobility, less pain. A study by the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Science in Arizona showed that after 30 days on OptiMSM;, patients with osteoarthritis in the knee experienced significantly less pain and more mobility than those who didn;t take the MSM. Less cartilage damage. Two studies from the UCSD Department of Orthopaedic Surgery published in Osteoarthritis and Cartilage showed that OptiMSM; limits the release of inflammation-fuelling molecules and reduces the presence of destructive enzymes in osteoarthritic cartilage cells. Less inflammation. A 2008 report published in the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) Journal showed that OptiMSM; can help to hold back joint pain by reducing inflammation and preserving the joint cartilage in mice with osteoarthritis of the knee. More mobility. More energy. More repair. For athletes. The elderly. The injured. And, well, everyone else too. Now with over-achieving OptiMSM; – the clinically proven, internationally renowned MSM from Bergstrom Nutrition.
Directions: MSM-Body is best taken with food and may cause insomnia if taken at bedtime. Build up your dose week by week, or consult your health care practitioner. Best taken with food. For added benefits, take MSM-Body with The Real Thing Joint Revolution. WEEK 1: Take 2 tablets (1g MSM each) daily. WEEK 2, ONWARDS: Take 2 tablets twice a day (4g in total). ALTERNATIVELY: You may want to build up to 6 to 8 tablets daily, in three doses. Then, after three to six weeks, return to the maintenance level of 2 tablets, twice daily.
Contraindications: Should not be taken by pregnant or lactating women and people on blood-thinning medications. May cause mild gastrointestinal upset initially.
Ingredients: Pure, four-times distilled OptiMSM methylsulphonylmethane (MSM).

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