Nature's Antibiotic - Olive Leaf (Olea europa)

Janet Nagel
Natures answer to antibiotics.

Through history the use of the olive fruit, oil and leaf is well documented.  Hippocrates, the Green physician known as the “father of medicine” prescribed olive oil for ulcers, cholera and muscular pains.  ¹In the early 1900’s a bitter compound from the leaf called oleuropein was isolated and determined to be part of the olive tree’s powerful disease fighting properties.  In 1962 researchers found that oleuropein could lower blood pressure, and increase blood flow in the coronary arteries, relieve arrhythmias, and prevent intestinal muscle spasms.  In the late 1960’s, researchers showed that olive leaf could kill many kinds of viruses, including retroviruses, bacteria, fungal and parasitic protozoans.


Olive leaf is now being used in some European countries where it has been found effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, yeast strains and fungi (including heavy Candida infections) that contribute to chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndromes.  Physicians have reported that people with chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia can be helped by olive leaf extract and have reported recovery progress within one month of taking the supplement.  A 1993 study used an alcohol based olive extract as treatment for relief of herpes symptoms within 36 to 48 hours. 


The powerful antioxidant properties of the olive leaf help protect the heart and circulatory system from free-radical damage and inhibits the oxidation of LDL or “bad cholesterol”.  It has also been found to significantly decrease blood pressure.  Latest findings (released this year (2005) by Australian TGA), concluded in a trial that 85 percent of various forms of arthritic conditions were greatly improved or completely in remission whilst taking olive leaf over a six-month period.


Olive leaf can be taken in tincture or capsule form.  To be effective the extract should contain a standardised  500mg with 6% to 20% of the active Oleuropein.  An antibiotic equivalent dose is about 6 to 10 capsules per day (in divided doses) on an empty stomach to be effective for rapid relief from acute infections.  Chronic treatment of other symptoms will need 2 to 4 per day.  Proportionate doses are safe for children, but have not been tested on pregnant women.  Although no side effects are known, in some cases, there may be a quick temporary detox reaction as the body begins to deal with dead microbes and the liver, kidneys, intestines and skin may become overburdened.  However, all of these symptoms are actually a good sign and drinking at least 4 cups of water between doses will help.

This information is not meant for self-diagnosis and the advice of a health care practitioner is necessary, especially with the use of other medication.

¹Prescription for Herbal Healing by P A Balch, CNC.

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Readers should not use this information for self-diagnoses or self treatment, but should always consult a medical professional regarding any medical problems and before undertaking any major dietary changes. This information is not meant to be substituted for medical advice.