DEPRESSION AND Rhodiola (RhodiolaRosea)

Janet Nagel

If there is a perfect weight loss/stress relieving herb, Rhodiola(RhodiolaRosea) is probably it.  Not only does it have the ability to help lift the stress that causes your body to crave foods of comfort and store more fat, it also has the power to assist you to control your weight whilst increasing lipase enzyme activity helping to burn stored fat.

Rhodiolarosea or Arctic root, a highly prized adaptogenic herb from the polar arctic region, has a long history of use in various Asian and European healing systems including Tibet, Sweden, Russia and ancient Greece.  Since 1960, more than 180 studies have been published.

In one study Rhodiola alleviated depression, anxiety, fatigue, irritability, distractibility, headache, weakness and other vegetative symptoms in 64% of cases.  It has also been used with a variety of prescription antidepressants with no apparent problems.  It appears to reverse emotional stress characterised by sluggishness, low motivation, muscle weakness, chronic fatigue, laboured breathing, giddiness, chest pain, palpitations, excessive sleeping and brain cloud.  It can help increase attention span, memory and mental performance.  People given Rhodiola showed increased levels of the beta-endorphin (the stress relieving, feel-good, analgesic peptide in the brain.)

It has also been found to help with sexual potency and protect against heart attacks.  In a test of 35 men with weak erections and/or premature ejaculations, substantial improvement occurred in 26 of the 35.Stress causes adrenalin release which over time can cause the heart muscle damage found in 86% of heart attack victims.  Rhodiola decreases the amount of cortisol and adrenalin released during stress.  Rhodiola also lowers serum fats and cholesterol while increasing the resistance of blood vessels to cholesterol plaques.  It helps protect against arrhythmias (abnormal heart beats) by potentiating endorphins (natural opiates that regulate heart beat.)

Rhodiola also increases muscular ATP and creatine levels improving endurance levels.  It activates lipase in long distance runners and swimmers.It is also valuable for body builders.  Researchers considered the main ingredient (rosavin) in Rhodiola the equivalent of an anabolic steriod without the side-effects.  It favourably changes the muscle to fat ratio of the body.  It helps maintain energy levels and increase strength.  It can shorten the recovery period after prolonged muscular workouts.

Not side effects have been reported with Rhodiola on children or adults and has been used safely during pregnancy.  Tablets or tinctures can be used.  A standardised dose of 350mg is recommended to be taken up to three times a day.  Results are quick and has about a 4 hour reaction period.

Janet is an Australian qualified Health Practitioner and Herbalist, doing computerised iridology at the Bhealthy Health Shop, Tel 021-8873442.

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