Colon Cleansing – Is it necessary?

Janet Nagel

Although doctors use colon cleansing as preparation for certain medical procedures and examinations such a colonoscopies, most doctors do not recommend colon cleansing.  They argue that your bowel has natural methods to eliminate waste material and bacteria.

Of course, this is true, provided you have a full gut of 2,5 kgs of good bacteria (which has not been stripped by antibiotics, medications and processed foods) and provided you have been eating enough natural fibre foods (at least 2 cups per day of vegetables, salads and 2 fruits).  Then of course, like our ancestors, you would have to maintain this wonderful self cleaning eco system by eating fermented foods to feed and re-populate this good flora (such as raw yoghurt, Keffir, Kombusha tea, miso and sauerkraut etc).

Welcome to the present times of processed foods, medications, stress, pesticides, chemicals, smog, alcohol and sedentary living.  How do you know if you need colon cleansing....?  Do you suffer from headaches, muscle or joint aches, allergies, frequent colds and flu, infections, bad breath, bloating, gas, spastic colon, IBS, constipation or diarrhoea?  Did you try many natural and traditional methods, medicines and remedies, but to no avail?

During colon cleansing procedures, people can lose up to 5kg or more old faecal matter that has been sticking to the sides of the intestinal tract for many years (27kgs of faecal matter was recorded in an autopsy of one person!).  Sometimes metres of old encrusted black ‘rubber tyre’ stringy matter is expelled.  And remember, it is not just nutrients from our food that pass through the gastro intestinal tract.  Many people are re-cycling their own toxic matter back into the blood stream (putting a big strain on the liver and kidneys too!). 


(Picture of impacted matter from colon after cleanse)

There are many forms of colon cleansing and most people are put off by the popular hydrotherapy (hosepipe up the backside) colon ‘washes’.  They can be dangerous if the weight or force of the water creates even a tiny tear in the intestinal tract,this bacteria can be fatal.  The safest way is to cleanse the colon with special powders and herbal tablets (see our Colon Cleanse special offer).  After 5 days, the contents are expelled safely.

After a colon cleanse, it is important to follow up with a month or two of probiotics to re-establish the good gut flora.  Kombusha tea can also be used.

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Readers should not use this information for self-diagnoses or self treatment, but should always consult a medical professional regarding any medical problems and before undertaking any major dietary changes. This information is not meant to be substituted for medical advice.